Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Machap Walk

Machap Walk is a new location to attract the tourism to come Melaka for seeking food. It just start opened in last few week ago. Like Jonker Street, Machap Walk will open on weekend only (Friday- Sunday) started around at 6pm until 11pm. 

Machap Walk is located at Machap Baru. It is a quite famous kampung in Melaka, because all the residents stay at Machap Baru is consider as high class person ( All rich people). It is far from the city. From my house to there, it is around 40min++ to reach there. 

Pattern just like a night market, but the only thing to tell is food local & traditional food.
This is the most famous bun in Machap ( big bun- 叶子媚大包)
panda bun - selling fast & cute
love shape watermelon juice - quite interesting and a lot people buy it  
This is the most famous food in Machap Walk - wan tan (狗耳-云吞)& mi hun kuih mee面粉糕面

Actually there are another food i want to strongly suggest, but unfortunately I miss the chance to take a photo due to heavy rain. It is peanut porridge. All these food that I introduce is already exist and closed before this Machap Walk event organize. Some of them are choose to reopen the business due to this event. Hence, we are lucky to get the chances to taste the food again in Machap. 

***The price and food is consider OK to try. If you want to know more about Melaka people flavor, you must come here once.  

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